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The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” Sir Winston Churchill

“No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition!” (Monty Python)

No one enjoys being scrutinised or criticised, in fact the thought of being audited for many people conjures up unpleasant images of being cross examined and patronised, often by someone who is insensitive, judgemental and only interested in catching the auditee out.

How Should an Audit Be Conducted?

An audit, if conducted professionally should be nothing like the above experience. We conduct audits in a factual, friendly, open and respectful manner, never judgemental, never letting personal opinions or prejudice drive the agenda… reporting only fact and always focused on adding real value to both the client and auditee.

What Are the Benefits of Auditing?

Regular monitoring in the shape of audits, not only fulfils the requirement within certified ISO business management systems, but can also add opportunities for continual improvement, not only with the auditee, but sometimes within the client organisation as well.

Our audit methods can be applied internally or externally to look in depth at management systems, processes, procedures and policy to evaluate their true effectiveness. Our results are often surprising, uncovering positive and negative aspects that other auditors, organisations and even enforcement authorities have over looked.

Our Audit Service

Armatus have developed a range of audit tools and methods (see also our audit methods page) to enable clients to peel back the glossy façade of marketing propaganda and management systems to uncover the true values, performance and practices of organisations on which they depend on upon, to uncover potential inconsistencies and points of failure, enabling proactive corrective action and continual improvement before problems occur.

Over the years we have worked closely with clients and contractors from the Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction, Engineering, Defence, Highways, Diving Operations, Marine and Maritime sectors, across the United Kingdom and internationally to provide key personnel with unique insights and business intelligence about their Supply Chain and business partners to enable informed decisions relating to investment, contract awards and management.

The Benefits of Using Armatus to Audit for you

Our services are designed to focus on your organisational objectives, prioritising your specific business intelligence needs to ultimately provide peace of mind and forewarning of potential failures before they happen.

Please review our services and make contact to discuss your specific requirements.

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