Audit Method

Auditing Style

Delivering objectivity, insight, business assurance and intelligence through professional, impartial factual risk-based analysis.

Audits conducted professionally

Although the word “audit” often strikes fear and loathing into the heart of the auditee (person or organisation being examined) it doesn’t have to. Auditing, when conducted professionally is simply the comparative analysis of policy or standards against practice by utilising facts over opinions.

At Armatus we believe that when an auditor is polite, respectful and focused on the truth, whilst remaining professional, impartial and fact orientated, the results contribute value to both the client and the auditee. It is not important what the auditor thinks; only what they can prove with substantiated evidence.

Competence is the Key

We use only competent and experienced auditors with a thorough understanding of safety, quality, environment and business management systems, their design, development and implementation to provide our clients with meaningful business intelligence and assurance of compliance. With experience across a range of sectors Armatus delivers unique and invaluable insights to help your organisation achieve continuing improvement, assess contractors and manage risk and compliance.

At Armatus we conduct audits and inspections in a professional, structured and focused manner aligned with BS EN ISO 19011 “Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing”. The process includes a structured analysis of information with the aim of producing meaningful factual conclusions.

Auditing Method

Audits that deliver meaningful results to all.

Our auditing method will normally include at least a two phase approach;


  1. A remote desktop review of all available information in isolation of the auditee to enable the administrative legwork to be undertaken before taking up valuable time in front of the auditee and their representatives.
  2. On site (practical) or at the auditee’s main office location with formal interviews scheduled with process owners, users and top management to review the practical application of the management system and evaluate its effectiveness.

If the organisation undertakes operational activities relevant to the client’s business at other locations, we will recommend to the client that if possible we add conduct operational audits at a sample of those locations to verify the level of compliance at an operational level as this will add further depth to the assessment.

Reporting formats and timescales are usually agreed with the Client prior to undertaking any work, along with the use of scoring or benchmarking methods.

Audit Experience

With over 25 years of operational and auditing experience within the Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction, Engineering, Defence, Highways, Diving Operations, Marine and Maritime sectors, across the United Kingdom and internationally we focus on delivering unique insights and actionable business intelligence to our clients which they know they can trust.

Please contact us to discuss your audit and inspection needs.

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