CDM Principal Contractor Services

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

What is a CDM Principal Contractor?

A Principal Contractor is defined under the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations 2015 as the Contractor “appointed by the Client to control the Construction Phase of any project involving more than one contractor.” HSE

Ultimate Control during Construction

CDM Principal Contractors have the ultimate responsibility for managing

Supporting Your Business With Flexible CDM Support

Health, Safety and Welfare risks during the Construction Phase of the project. Principal Contractors must be competent, therefore the Principal Contractor must be able to demonstrate appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and, where relevant, the organisational capability to carry out the work.


Flexible & Tailored Support

We provide Principal Contractors with flexible and tailored supporting throughout the project lifecycle; from initial discussions with clients, through to tender submission, award, construction, completion and handover.

Below are examples of support we can provide to Principal Contractors for CDM 2015;

  • Facilitation of Risk Workshops to identify and control construction Health, Safety and Welfare risk.
  • Support and advise the Principal Contractor to develop the Construction Phase Plan prior to site set up and work commencing on site.
  • Construction Phase Plan Reviews – conducting desktop (and practical/site based if required) review of the Construction Phase Plan to assess its adequacy and compliance with CDM 2015.
  • Undertaking regular formal or informal Site Safety Inspections & Monitoring visits to assess CDM compliance and highlight Health, Safety and Welfare issues which may develop onsite.
  • Site Safety Audits – conducting infrequent formal Site Safety Audits to assess compliance with CDM 2015, associated legislation and Best Practice.
  • Safety Consultancy & Support – supporting Contractors and Principal Contractors with on-demand support as required to address issues as they arise.
  • Representing Contractors at Client, Progress and Project Inception (Kick-Off) meetings.
  • And much more if required.

    Expert CDM Advice & Support

Although the Principal Contractor’s duties have barely changed with the introduction of CDM 2015, the duties can still put considerable strain on even the most seasoned Contractors. We are here to help and support you to comply with your duties and deliver your project on time, on budget and within brief.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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