Management Systems Audit

Auditing Integrated & Business Management Systems

Delivering objectivity, insight, business assurance and intelligence through professional, impartial factual risk-based analysis.

Implementing Management Systems

Organisations develop and implement management systems to protect their business, manage risk and ensure the consistency of their services/products. For the management system to operate effectively and efficiently, compliance with the system must be evaluated regularly with opportunities for continual improvement identified.

Armatus provides tailor-made auditing solutions for organisations large and small to assess compliance and explore new, more efficient ways of doing business, protecting its workforce and assets and exceeding customer expectations.

We have developed a range of audit tools and methods (see also our audit methods page) to enable clients to their management systems extensively to uncover the real-time performance and practices, uncovering potential inconsistencies and points of failure, enabling proactive corrective action and continual improvement before problems occur.

Audit Tools & Methods

Our audit tools and methods can be applied internally or externally to look in depth at management systems, processes, procedures and policy to evaluate their true effectiveness. Our results are often surprising, uncovering positive and negative aspects that other auditors, organisations and even enforcement authorities have over looked.

Our Services

Our services are designed to focus on your organisational objectives, prioritising your specific business intelligence needs to ultimately provide peace of mind and forewarning of potential failures before they happen.

Audits that deliver meaningful result to all.

Our services are totally flexible and adapt to the needs of our clients, but can include;

  • Supporting organisations additional resources to conduct Internal audit programmes.
  • Leading and/or providing an experienced team of professional auditors to conduct independent external compliance audits.
  • Conduct pre-certification audits for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with a view to identifying problems before the certification auditors arrive.
  • Management system health checks post-certification to make sure system is still serving the business.
  • Due diligence, pre-acquisition and merger audits to ensure your investment is protected.
  • International and regional statutory Health and Safety compliance audits.
  • Contract compliance audits for Health, Safety and Environmental Management to assure clients that contractor are fulfilling their contractual obligations.
  • Design, development and delivery of audit complex campaigns.
  • Development of client specific Terms of Reference for custom-built audit programmes.
  • Development of benchmarking tools to measure the performance of multiple auditees against each other.

Our Experience

Over the years we have worked closely with clients and contractors, both large and small, from the Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction, Engineering, Defence, Highways, Diving Operations, Marine and Maritime sectors, across the United Kingdom and internationally to provide key personnel with unique insights and business intelligence about their Supply Chain and business partners to enable informed decisions relating to investment, contract awards and management.

Please review our services and make contact to discuss your specific requirements.

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