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Systems & International Management Standards

Many organisations establish the goal of achieving certification to the relevant international Management Standards;

  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Management Systems (soon to become ISO 45001:2016)
  • BS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • BS ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • Other relevant industry specific ISO Management System standards

Why? The reasons for achieving these certifications can range from the proactive desire to make the business more efficient, to simply needing to have the ISO Certification badge on the wall to access business opportunities. Often ISO certification is a requirement set by clients for being accepted onto established Supply Chains and tender lists.

Business management systems which meet only the minimum standards required to achieve certification and avoid prosecution are rarely sufficient to meet an organisation’s needs… In fact, such systems may slow your business down, making you less flexible; even hold your organisation back, tying you up with convoluted processes and procedures which add no value and conceal critical risks and potential points of failure.

These negative results often originate within the design, development and implementation processes. Frequently organisations rely upon external consultant to develop their management systems on their behalf, in isolation of their business activities. Providing a recycled, “one size fits all”, “off the shelf” system which were developed for another organisation.

The Benefits of Bespoke Management Systems Built to Fit your Business.

Implementing a tailor-made, efficient business management system will improve your organisational effectiveness, statutory compliance, corporate governance and customer satisfaction, and ultimately develop a culture of consistent risk-based management and product delivery.

A system designed for your business, with input from your key personnel, will draw from your corporate experience, empowering your workforce to drive continual improvement… your business will become more efficient and effective, more profitable, more sustainable and more resilient, relying less and less on top management intervention to deliver consistent products and services.

When the management system serves the business needs, the organisation will thrive, evolving and developing enhanced resilience and protection.

What Should an Effective Management System Do?

Management Systems to energise your business

An effective and efficient management system should;

  • Compliment and serve the business.
  • Represent the organisation’s values and work ethics.
  • Provide a framework by which the business operates.
  • Empower your workforce and management to take personal responsibility.
  • Provide assurance of quality of products and services.
  • Ensure statutory compliance.
  • Be resilient, but also flexible and respond to growth and change

At Armatus we utilise our real-world experience and customer focused approach, together with our wide industrial expertise to develop bespoke Business Management Systems that enhance and energise your business to deal with the challenges that affect you.

We always work closely with our clients, aiming to provide a service that fits you perfectly.

How Can We Help You?

We can help you to;

  • Revitalise, streamline and re-engineer existing Business Management Systems which either no longer deliver against business expectations, or perhaps never fulfilled their potential.
  • Develop strategy and manage complex change within your organisation.
  • Support and advise towards achieving initial certification, or re-certification against a specific international management standards.
  • Help your business to achieve accreditation with an established industry approved procurement schemes (e.g. Achilles).
  • Or start from scratch to design an entirely bespoke Management System to manage your specific business needs.

    Right First Time

  • Assist your business to prepare for important audits by;
    • Conducting pre-audits to check compliance by thoroughly testing systems and evidence trails to enable problems to be fixed prior to the auditor arriving.
    • Coaching personnel in relation to how to be audited; what to expect, how to interact with auditors, how to answer questions and present evidence, how to get the auditor to trust you.
    • How to challenge non-conformances findings and non-compliance to ensure that findings are factual and meaningful to the business.
  • Represent and support your business during an audit.  This approach can take some of the pressure away from your personnel and often lessen negative findings.

Please contact us to discuss how Armatus can help your business meet the challenges you face.

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