Supply Chain Audits

In-Depth evaluation of your Supply Chain and Critical Suppliers before they let you down.

Critical Insight & Evaluation

Delivering objectivity, insight, business assurance and intelligence through professional, impartial factual risk-based analysis.

Why Audit Your Supply Chain?

It could be said, like Napoleon that “an army marches on its stomach”, meaning, that to be formidable, an army relies on wholesome and plentiful food.  An organisation’s Supply Chain and its delivery partners can often be your business’s greatest assets, empowering your businesses to meet ever-changing demands and exceed customer expectations.

However, one weak link within a supply chain could spell disaster, resulting in loss of life, statutory breach, civil litigation and/or damage to reputation. When they provide outstanding performance, your business looks great to the eyes of the world… but when they fail to perform, their mistakes impact destructively upon your business, creating often irreparable reputational damage.

As within all supply chains there are critical suppliers and it is how an organisation identifies, manages and monitors these suppliers that will often determine the success or failure of activities.

Factual Risk-Based Auditing

Audits that deliver meaningful result to all.

At Armatus we have developed a set of unique risk-based, factual auditing tools, designed to evaluate, measure and monitor your Supply Chain’s industry specific competence, compatibility and compliance with your organisational, contractual and industry best practice requirements.
By analysing your supply chain partners using custom-built audits that probe the areas that are the most important to your organisation, we can provide you with meaningful data that can be used to identify critical suppliers and benchmark performance, enabling you to rank your suppliers.

Our Audit Tools & Methods

Our audit tools and methods (see also our audit methods page) to look behind the shop front of business marketing propaganda and management systems to uncover the true values, performance and practices of suppliers, often identifying incompatibilities and inconsistencies they may not have even identified themselves.

Our Audit Experience

Over the years we have worked closely with clients and contractors, both large and small, from the Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction, Engineering, Defence, Highways, Diving Operations, Marine and Maritime sectors, across the United Kingdom and internationally to provide key personnel with unique insights and business intelligence about their Supply Chain to enable informed decisions.

Please contact us to discuss the how we can provide the insights you need.

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